Peugeot 1.6 HDI - 'Before & After' a Revive Treatment

"We are often asked to supply 'before & after' images to show how effective Revive Turbo Cleaner is, but we have always been a bit reluctant to because we would prefer our customers to do this to give it undisputed credibility, but due to workshops time related pressures which can appreciate, this doesn't happen as often as we would like.

Knowing the compressor housing seal was faulty on this vehicle, we took advantage of the opportunity of showing the effectiveness of Revive Turbo Cleaner. We removed the turbo before the treatment to get an understanding of the condition of the turbo before we treated it and then reassembled and replaced back into position to run the engine. Once treated, we then removed the turbocharger and disassembled it again. Whilst the oil soaked intake impellor and housing shows a significant improvement, unfortunately the turbine side of the housing along with the variable geometry mechanism was surprisingly clean before we started and whilst physical differences were visible by eye in the exhaust side, it was difficult to present in the images. Whilst Revive is primarily aimed at reducing problem-causing carbon deposits in the variable vane mechanism, this amply demonstrated the secondary benefits of cleaning action along the whole engine system gas path.

Nigel Yardley of Yardley's Vehicle Repair & Test Centre - UK 

"We have been using Revive on diesels for years, with excellent results, but today we tried it on a gasoline for the first time. We had a 2004 1.6 vauxhall zafira with a light misfire at idle. After having plugs and coils elsewhere we diagnosed sticking valves. With the customer not wanting to spend much on an older car, we decided to give Revive a go.

Misfire cured, throttle response improved and most importantly a happy customer. Many thanks."

- December 2015 

Bill Brockband of Badger 5 Ltd. - VAG Tuning Specialist in the UK




"Pd 150 leon. In for map. Overboots limp mode. Do a Revive diesel cleaning treatment on it and all good after. Nice product which actually works!! Blue plot limp mode caused by opvertboost from sticking vnt.. Revived is the red plot. Logs of requested and actual boost showing the gains in boost control."

- December 2015

William Cam from France: VW Golf

Thank you to William Cam from France for sending Revive Turbo Cleaner these two photos of his VW Golf's EGR and Throttle Body after a Revive treatment. He removed them because he had an electronic fault, but he was so impressed with the result that he took the time to send them to us.

"Bonjour, je vous transmet des photo de ma vanne fer et du papillon egr traiter par Revive sur une vw golf 5 2.0l tdi 140 avec 235000km.

Et voici le resultat !!!!!"

- 2015

R&M Audi VW Service Centre - Mansfield, UK

"Just a quick note to say how good your Revive product is, I have used it several times now with a good success rate, it has transformed the vehicles I have used it on. It has also saved one customer a lot of expense by not having to replace the turbo for a sticking vane fault. I will continue using your Revive product and will recommend to all our customers, I will also recommend to use this as a prevention and not just as a cleaning solution. Keep up the good work"

- 2015

Judd McClure - PBD Diesel Performance, LLC, USA: Dodge Ram - Cummings 6.7L

"I applied Revive then looked at the turbo and clearly the Revive product worked. The slide ring was completely clean there was zero soot built up on it at all. It would slide in and out freely, like it was new. It's clear your product does work and will definitely be using it again on the next one. I will also recommend it to my customers as a "maintenance" product every 20-30k. Thanks for your help!!!!"

- 2015

Autotune, Newcastle-under-lyme, UK

"A Peugeot 1.9 HDI that had been suffering major running issues had been in and out of the main dealer, to a diesel specialist and a Peugeot specialist, had almost every related part changed even twice in some cases, everything failed to remove the DTCs. As a last resort I sprayed some Revive into the inlet side of the turbo and after a short period the vehicle was running nicely again."

- 2015

Andrew Avis from Greg Tunstall Mechanical near Brisbane, Australia

Greg Tunstall is a Landrover specialist



"As a test of proof as to how well Revive works, Andrew cleaned only one side of a twin EGR system on a Range Rover V8 Turbo Diesel so that he could compare the un-treated (before) and treated (after) sections.  After running the Revive through one side only, he then disassembled both sides and took the attached picture for a very revealing     'before & after' comparison.  Needless to say, he is Revive's newest (& most enthusiastic) Australian distributor!"

- 2015

Melvyn White, UK: Audi A6

"The car, an Audi A6, has done 102800 miles of, in the main, motorway style driving, giving me on average 51 miles to the gallon. The power and acceleration were fine and the only problem seemed to be a bit of smoke at start up and when I accelerated away at speed."

After Revive: "Firstly no smoke, starting in the mornings and accelerating away on the motorway are smoke free. The acceleration from 50 - 70 MPH is stronger even carrying a heavy passenger load, you can certainly notice the difference! I have monitored the MPG, not easy to give accurate feedback here on only 1700 miles, but the motorway MPG has increased from 55.2 to 55.4 but the town driving has stayed the same at 38.1 MPG."

- 2015

Glenn Snow: 2008 Ford F350, 6.4L

"My 2008 F-350 was tuned up by Rob and the gang at Victory Automotive with a Revive Turbo Cleaner treatment. After the treatment I am now getting 10 litres / 100km on the highway with my truck! I couldn't be happier!"

- March 2015

Robert Jecks, Halifax, NS: 2004 Volkswagon Jetta TDI


Check Engine Light on, code P0299, Turbocharger Under Pressure

"When the light came on, the car seemed to be running normally however within a few days it was struggling while going up hill. I felt that I should be able to clean the turbocharger without removing it. I was lucky to find "Revive Turbocharger Cleaner". The day before the cleaner arrived I was going back to work which meant climbing a hill. On that hill the car would not go faster than 70kph. The very next day I received the Revive and followed the instructions provided. As the test drive after application, I took that route up that hill, and peeked the top doing 120kph and accelerating. The car continues to run great! Thank you "Revive"."

- February 2015

Diesel Performance Specialist: 2001 Ford F-350


Check out these amazing readings of before and after running Revive treatment on it -- Ford F-350 with a 6.4 ltr turbo diesel ran on a Mustang Dyno. 

"There were absolutely no other amendments made to the truck; the impressive results:

  • 9.1HP increase (from 254.2 to 263.3)
  • 28.7 ft/lbs torque increase (from 554.7 to 583.4)

The numbers speak for themselves!"

- September 2014

Myles Stromner: 2001 Volvo S-40

"I bought my 2001 Volvo S40 Turbo back in January 2014 as an economical way to commute to work and back. This particular car had 156,000km on the odometer when I purchased the car.

I noticed the car was sluggish on the highway; but I just chalked this up to being an old economy car. I tried a new product called Revive Turbo & Power Restorer. I noticed the product was non-corrosive, biodegradable and non-toxic, which meant it was safe to use at home.

I gave my car a Revive Turbo Cleaner & Power Restorer treatment last weekend and noticed it running a little rough for about two minutes after the treatment. However, upon taking the car for a drive, the engine began to run smooth, wasn't missing at all in the cylinders and for the first time I could hear a faint whistle of the turbo under my hood.

On the highway, the results were remarkable! I could keep up with highway traffic with no real effort. The car ran smooth and quiet, and I could now pass on the highway safely with power to spare!

For the price, and results I got, I would recommend this product to my friends and family. This product is a must for someone wanting to make an old engine run as smooth as it did when it was new."

- May 2014

John Taylor: 2010 Lonestar (425hp Cummins)

"My truck has had 4 DPF replacements done over it's 500,000km life to date (at a cost of $3950.00 EACH ... not including labor or downtime). The truck was scheduled to have it's 5th service done IN ADDITION to addressing all of the following codes.

These codes totaled 16; 12 unique codes and 4 that were repetitive. They are ....

2637 : Diesel Oxidization Catalytic Converter Face Plugged
2961 : EGR Temperature Sensor Above Normal
0415 : Engine Oil Temperature above normal range*****
1942 : Crank Case Pressure
2357 : EGR Control Circuit Not Responding
2359 : EGR Pressure Erratic
0245 : Flow Control Circuit Low
2280 : Turbocharger overspeed
2288 : Turbocharger boost pressure above normal when below RPM
2215 : Fuel pump delivery pressure below normal.
2973 : Intake manifold pressure (MAP) erratic
1849 : EGR differential pressures above severe level / PID #411


Rob @ Victory Automotive did a 'Commercial & HD' Revive treatment on my truck with the following results.
 ALL of the above codes were cleared with the exception of "0415 : Engine Oil Temperature above normal range" which required the changing of the temperature sensor itself. This item was sourced directly from Freightliner and Rob changed it out which eliminated the final code.
The truck's DPF is now absolutely clean, ALL codes have been cleared and in the 2 days since doing the service I have seen a 15% (FIFTEEN PERCENT!!!) increase in fuel mileage prior to having the treatment done. The truck went back to work within 2 hours of rolling into Rob's door (it would have been sooner had we not had to go get the sensor from Freightliner as it was an easy R&R exchange) and the turbo is no longer overboosting and the DPF is not in need of replacement.
Had I not seen Revive work with my own eyes, I would not have believed it!"

- April 2014

chevyforlife5: 2006 Chevy Duramax, 6.6L Crewcab shortbed

"The Revive worked great!!!! My Duramax boosts better and doesn't smoke as bad and also fuel economy increased dramatically. Thanks

I was having the occasional turbo not learned and turbo over boost code plus my turbo was always cycling the veins (I mean like every time I stopped at a light hot or cold when I started it hot or cold just ALWAYS) and would not hit 30 pound of boosts anymore and my mileage was terrible.

This was still all after I changed my turbo sensor. So I ran one bottle of Revive Turbo Cleaner through my Duramax.

After running it through my motor I could instantly tell a difference when I took it our on the freeway. Hit 30 pounds of boost no problem, pulled hard again, not sluggish like before. Also blew the nastiest looking smoke for about 20 seconds I have ever seen out of the tail pipe. Since then my mileage had gone from 14.5 to 15 on highway to 16 to 17 again. Veins no longer cycle ALL the time and truck feels like it runs better in general. I am a believer in this stuff."

- April 2014

Chris: 1999 Audi A8 Quattro 3.7 ltr Turbo

"When I brought the car into Rob (at Victory Automotive), it had 58 (FIFTY-EIGHT) fault codes stored in the computer and the car was barely drivable. After 1 treatment of Revive, all but 1 of the codes was cleared and the back pressure behind the catalytic converter went up from 1.9 to 11.6. When it was determined that the last remaining code in the car's system was due to a faulty injector on cylinder #6, we replaced the injector in question and the car runs like new and all of the codes have been cleared! Revive is amazing!"

- April 2014

C: 2007 Ford Excursion 7.3L

"Less smoke at start up and throttle, better turbo and throttle response and for me my turbo seems to be quieter."

- March 2014

Christina Turner: 1995 Dodge 2500 Cummins 5.9L Turbo Diesel

"100,000 Miles on the truck and engine runs strong, great compression, fuel injections working properly. The main issue I was having was that the truck had no 'get up and go' and had an uncontrollably high RPM... The turbo would stick and run away on me causing me to immediately smother the intake of the Turbo with a 2X4 board. I ran the Revive Turbo Cleaner and Power Restorer straight through the intake after the filter. It runs like the truck was reborn or REVIVED shall I say. I am a firm believer in this outstanding product. I was leery about it at first because all the reviews about it were about turbo charged diesel cars and rice burner vehicles ... My truck is standing truth of what it can do for yours..."

- February 2014

rpat3080: 2010 Ford F350 Powerstroke

"Worked great thanks"

- February 2014